Saturday, May 26, 2007

our favorite things!

Please pardon our mom's goofy dog voice...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Celebrity Lookalikes

The handsome, Jude Law lookalike Ike tagged us both for a Celebrity Lookalike!

Mom and some other folks think Niko looks like Bryce Dallas Howard I don't see it in this glamour shot, but she sure resembles some of her scarier roles like in the Lady In the Water, or that other M. Night Shyamalan movie.

My dad thought I reminded him of Joaquin Phoenix, but further research through google images proved unsubstantiated. Then, my Aunt Suzanne pondered my powerful character, stoic facial expression, and oppressive demeanor and thought... The Godfather. Perfect. So here is an almost undifferentiating photo coupling of my long lost twin, Marlon Brando and myself.

Oh, and we tag Luckie the Dachie,Winston and Zelda

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Summertiiiiime and the living is eeeeeeezay...

(Niko's remix of the jazz hit Summertime)

I sits in the chairs and lickez my lippies....

My mom throws the cu-uz right into the pooo-ool...

but I smacks at the top waves and cuzzy swims ba-ack...

and now I have my cuzz-zzy and everthings coooool

I can go back to my bathing in the rays of hot suuun

cuz i'm niko puh-piko and my life aint too hard...

if ya wanna rela-ax you gotta love life...

(return to second verse)
One of these mornings, you're gonna rise up singin'.
Then you'll spread your wings and take to the sky.
But until that morning there's nothing can harm you.
With daddy and mamma standing by.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pawsitively fun!

I was in a photoshoot with Mom and Bentley for the Pawsidential Suite at PetSmart recently but forgot to post about it!

We got to sit on the new comfy beds, and I might look freaked out here, but actually I am just nervous because I know what a good model Bentley is and it's so hard for me to settle down when I know so many treats are coming! I want to play with those TOYS!

I kinda dazed out on this one....

I have a bobo dog 5 times the size of that one!! Hahaha!

I calmed down once mom came in to hold my hand. I love those treats.

AHHH! I'm freaked out again! These beds are comfy but when can we play! and Bentley is all like "Just a few more shots Niko, you should try to look more profeshunul!"

Whew, the modeling is tough work... luckily laying down fits in with the shot! LOL!

And then... mom started to read us a story and i was like woah! right? I didn't know there were dogs in BOOKS! I think Bentley didn't even listen cuz he was still trying so hard to be totally mr. modelman.

I didn't stick around too long for storytime... L8R DUDEZ!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

BELLYSHOTZ! (but not the ones with vodka)

Mom wasn't feeling all that spiffy today, so she's working from home. At least she had the time to help us find some belly shots. Our blogger friend Ike tagged us both for a bellyshot! We haven't been in a bellyshot since we were both babies, but I definitely was the first one since I am older than Niko. I don't know what those little puffy sacs by my butt are either cuz I don't have them anymore, and when I asked my mom she said it was just another weird thing the camera does like when it makes out eyes red or green. Huh. So here's our shots.

wooot! I used to love me some butt scratching! we finally threw that bed out after the millionth puke or pee that happened, but it saw some good times.

I'm showing off my dotted paws here, gimme 8!

I've got some belly shots too! Look! I have bellyshots now too, they're just not filmed yet. i was littler in these and slept more, i had dirt in my bellybutton spot too sometimes. HAHAHAHA!

In this picture I really just spilled out of my bed, sometimes i like cushion for my bottom and cold tile for my ears, what can i say, right? I am crazy!

We're going to tag Bismarck wonder if anyone else has...

Monday, May 14, 2007

The AZ Boston Meetup

Joe Stains made a good post over at his blog about the Meetup. Our mom has been "too busy" she says to keep up with all her blogging. We definitely had a great time at our Boston Meetup. We will try to make a full post eventually, but we are starting to see a pattern here, note: Niko's B-day post that never revealed itself in full.

For now check out the pictures here:
Boston Meetup Photos

and the video over here:
Doggie Videos

We just found out about Fu Fu from Joey's blog and are very sad now too. Our hearts go out to all, we always enjoyed Fu fu's blog and comments.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Niko Birthday Weekend 2007

I had so much funs on my birthdays. On sunday we went to test out a new dog park where the Boston Meetup is going to be this weekend. It was pretty hot but I still had a great time. My mom forgot to take pictures but her and my Aunt Suzanne walked around and met lots of people, but not half as many as I met! I am so fast, that heat doesn't hold me down. She says she's going to bring spray bottles and maybe a tent cuz there's no shade! I woulda thought a new park would have some shade spots! We may have to schedule our BT meetups somewhere else next time.

After the park we went to a "In The Raw" a dog and people cafe north on Hayden in the Mercados del Lago center. It was the best place I've been. There was the fire hydrant fountain, and they had all kinds of doggie treats and smothies and coffees for mom and aunt suzzane.

There's even a hitching post for our leashes, though I would have rather run out and chased all the ducks by the pond.

My aunt Suzanne held my texas toothpick for me while I chewed away happily.

There was a weird little person there that kept wanting to see Bentley. I am not sure Bentley cares for this size of human, but he surprised us by being frozen and not angry.

I can't wait to go back, next time I want to try the natural peanut bars!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Niko's First Birthday

I had a birthday Sunday! I did lots of fun things, and I can't even have the time to type about it! My mom is going to help me put together a post, but there were lots of pictures! I got this new dress, and a loofa dog, and frosty paws, I can't wait to post more! Mom's got a lot of stuff she's doing but if she has time, she says she'd post later tonight.

I'll type soon! I am so old now, LOL!!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tucson Trip Saga II - The Accomodations

Here's some more thoughts from the road, and some gorgeous pictures of our hotel room. In the future I gave my parents this link to check for hotels:
The hotel we were at might have allowed dogs, but the grounds were trashy and there were no areas to run or hardly even go potty without some car whizzing by and disturbing my crapping meditation I need to make a good poop.

So it turns out our parents came to Tucson see a comedian, not just to show us some other mountains. His name is Brian Regan, and I've heard his stuff, he's not all that funny if you ask me. Maybe if he put up some pictures of Niko's goofy face I would laugh, or maybe show one of the cats I live with getting buckets of water dumped on them... that's funny. But who listens to me.

See like this picture. Niko LOVED this carpet, it's like there was drugs in it that made her even more freakish than usual, check out the video here:

I dunno if they sprinkled dognip on the sofa, or crazy powder on the floor, but that dog went nuts, I am just glad they caught some on film to prove it when they need to haul her off to the loony bin. (film to come when You Tube is ready...)

Her post couch rubbin' rest down pose....

Here's some pictures we didn't make it into due to heat but enjoyed enough to share as we feel we pointed them out from the backseat with barks, whines or snores.

WE wish we would've stayed in the hotel, even that little bit of grass in front is better than what the Best Western Inn and Suites on Oracle offered us.

The Tucson Inn Sign at night... oooooh neon.

I thought the Frog Dog would enjoy this place, it's called Frog and Firken and has great brewed beers and foods that obviosly make my mom's lips swell and look funny.

Oh and we got a little video of Niko's lap at Jacob's dog park.