Sunday, January 13, 2008

TAGGED for weirdness!

We had a busy day Friday so we're too tired to be angry about this pile up of sleeping arrangements. Oh! We've been tagged by Keeley to share 7 weird things about Niko and me. Here are the rules:

Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog. Share seven random and/or weird facts about yourself. Tag seven random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs. Let each dog know they have been tagged by leaving a notification on their blog.

Here's my weird things (Bentley)
  1. I don't like to eat out of my bowl, I would rather have the food fall on the ground or even better if Niko (who is a messy eater) knocks food out I will eat it so fast!
  2. When mom takes me to work I like to pretend I am in a private cave under the desk and won't come out unless there is the sound or smell of food.
  3. At the dog park I like to walk the perimeter, pee on all the bushes and then go stand next to the exit until we leave.
  4. Sometimes when I am too tired to lift my leg I pee all over my front paws, but mom gets wipies out and cleans it, it's hard to lift my leg so early in the morning.
  5. I pretend there is a pile of dirt on the couch and bury my bones in the back by rubbing my nose in the imaginary dirt.
  6. I like to put things in my mouth that mom gets mad at, like paper clips, and kitty poo.
  7. I do a lot of introspective thinking, which is why I have this blog.
Niko says her weird things are:
  1. I lOVE TO SWIM. I don't care how cold it is, or how much water I swallow, I want to swim like fishies!
  2. At the office I like to walk on the desks and keyboards, the humans have lots of delicious crumbs and stuff in and around their boxes they type into.
  3. I will play fetch non-stop 24/7 if I could. Mom often puts my toy up so I remember to rest.
  4. My favorite music person is Justin Timberlake I even did some dancing videos for him way back here Bentley and Niko are bringing sexyback
  5. I like to sleep right by mom's head. Sometimes I push her off her pillow and she gets mad.
  6. Even though I am small I can sound and look very scary if you are a big dog and try to put your mouth around me. I am ALL BARK AND TEETH THEN!
  7. I can eat all my food in like 3 minutes, where Bentley takes forEVAR!
Now, we go back to sleep! Our weekends are taxing!

OH! And here's who we tag!
Waylon & Willie
Two Shibas
Luckie Girl

Mom's old office, sleepy weekends...('nother older post)

Mom had a couple posts as drafts she hadn't posted yet! This was another.

We got sooo tired from playing on Friday we didn't even get mad that we were all stacked up like a pile of bostons.

Mostly it's me that gets all the strenuous plays in, this is me and my buddy Max wreslting it up near some 3-ring binders, these peopls should know better than to leave things in the "dog-zone"

This is a new friend named Roxy on her dad's lap learning to do some of the works.

I play better upside down I've realized, this way I am able to use all 4 of my foots as weapons and throw some teeth in there when needed.

Max is trying to sneak up on me but little does he know...

Roxy is going to get him!!

So you can see why we get so tired! Hope everyone is getting all their needed weekend rest, our humans are taking down all the holiday stuff today which is kind of sad, I liked having that big tree in the living room!


Monday, January 07, 2008

Found Boston UPDATE


I got this e-mail this afternoon:

"Your help paid off! I was able to place her with a foster parent last night

through the Boston Terrier North Texas Rescue. They had a slot available

and I met the people in North Dallas with the pooch. I feel good about

her safety now. I found a tumor between her shoulder and throat during the

car ride to meet them. (could have been why she was dumped in the first place)

She said what ever medical attention she needed, she

would get through the rescue, even if she needed surgery - this was

her best chance to get the care she needed!! Thanks so much for your help!


orig. post:
My sister forwarded me this e-mail if any of you live near Crandall, TX:

Hi Friends! About a week ago I found this sweet girl running on the service road near the Foundation herein Crandall where I work. I kept her for a day and went to several homes behind us, to the local vetto check for a "chip", posted signs, ETC!! I turned her over to the City of Crandall thinking SURELY her owners would be looking for her.

PLEASE - if you or anyone you know could give her a good home let me know. She is a special, sweet young (maybe 2 yrs. old) Boston Terrier - beautiful markings, seems house trained with a great temperament!!!! I want her, but as you all know I have my hands full with the Jack Russell Terrorist!! Please help.

My cell number is 972-742-5790. Thanks, Michelle