Saturday, April 19, 2008

Flowers and Sunsets

Hey everybodies! summer is here in Arizona already!

It's only April though, and that means my moms has a birthday! Bentley and I have been thinking really hard for what to get her.

There's a bush in the yard that has some pretty flowers that she likes.

I think they fall off a lot when the wind blows, so I could maybe pile them all up for her and when she comes out I will say "Look, Ma! Piles of flowers for you!

I know what I will get for her... She is always taking pictures of the sky when its just before it gets dark.

I'll bring her out too, by going to the door and saying bark! Then she'll come out and I will look up and she will see the skies!

We have lots of good skies here, I will just have to time it right.

I'm glad I got that all figured out.

I am sure just having such good doggers like us is gift enough.

I agree Niko.