Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's Copley week at camp Niko!

First official night at Camp Niko - we all started with a group photo.

Bentley tries to stay a good 2-4 feet - but enjoys the company some times.

His tolerance level for noise and fun is much less.

The girls take lots of breaks - with their high energy play this is very necessary.

Most of the time they are smart about it, but sometimes we have to encourage some quiet time.

Copley does a hallway check to see if we left any doors open that could lead to secret stashes of toys or kitties.

Danielle and Nick (Copley's parents) brought him and Niko some new toys! Bentley loves this one!

Niko can contort herself into some crazy poses!

We'll post more, the trips outdoors are only when necessary as they have no sweat glands and it is hot and muggy out there!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Long time!

We are apalled at how long it has taken to get back on the bloggers.

Could be that it was too hot? No! Cuz the computers are in the air conditioned house!

Bentley's gone a little crazy, licking beds and floors, and covers.

He thinks all pillows are his.

I guess we've just been trying to cool down, while things calm down.

Our parents got married this year and it's been crazy since!

We'll try to post more soon!