Sunday, February 24, 2008

Barleigh 2

This is an older post and now Barleigh is a big dogger! But we thought we'd share since for some reason it was a draft!

I've had lots of doggers in my life lately, and I LUV IT!! This is Barleigh, she was a pup tht was going to go to the humanes societies but my mom's friend said NO! She is too cute for that I will take her! And her sister is adopted by another friend so they still get to play! She likes to put her paws on my head like this so we think she might be some parts of a boxer dog! Noone can figures out what she is mixed of! I just say she is a mix of cute, soft furs and playfun!

Sometimes when she opens her mouth real big I can look down into there and smell what she might have eaten! Mom says she loves her puppy breath, I don't know what she gets that from, hopefully she doesn't eat other puppies!

She is small like me now but we don't know if she will always be, a lot of my friends start out smaller than me, then they;re my same size, and then they get sooo big!!

For now we have lots and lots of fun though.

This is later on at homes now and Serena is trying to steal some of my sun rays, now I don't mind sharing but every now and then she turns evil and wants to smack on me with her picky paws! SO I can't relax as much in the sun when she is there.

I asked Bentley if he would watch her for a while so I could sleep and not worry. He was already just standing around probably waiting for the sun spot...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

February MeetUp (an older post!)

Joey and Tanner did a really good poston our Boston MeetUp here:
Dog Park

We had a couple pics too:

Niko rarely is without the tennis ball.

We had some good times at the MeetUp!

Tried to get a pic of all of us, there were so many!

Lots of puggies there too

And bull dogs and babies...

Oh, and here we are in mom's new cubicle at work with our best bud Copley.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Gifts

My mom says I should be thankful.

Joey and Tanner gave us some cool coats! It has been plenty cold here for a February in a place that is supposed to be warm. We are thankful to get these coats!

It just seems like there's something wrong, since when mom put the coat on me everyone starts laughing. The hood falls a little over my eyes so I try not to move too much.

I was just hanging out and being cozy and warm when Niko starts to mess with me.

You'll see in the video below.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Hey Everybodies!

Mom's taking us to one of the Boston MeetUps tomorrow, and she organized it and wanted to be valentined-like so she got us some outfits to wear to make us look like we are in the spirit of St. Valentines.

My shirt says I am "Muy Macho" which mom says means that I am very manly, which seems very appropriate. Niko's dres just has a heart, which also fits because she has love and kisses for everyone. I bet her dress doesn't last very long though, with those ruffles that other doggers can grab in their mouths when she runs by.

Yeah, yo estoy muy macho.

Mom has a different desk at work, it's a lot less crazy than the room we shared with all the other dogs, but we still get lots of visitors. This is Tecate, I think she's beautiful, but I get nervous when she's around and never knwo what to say to her.

Niko loves to play with Copely, this is the puppy I bit on the ear. I guess she still has a little scar. I didn't mean it I just got scared.

She's not a scary puppy any more, and she's almost as big as Niko!

I have no idea what this game is they play.

Its almost like our Bitey-face game but is more general, like bitey-everything.

I am hoping mom has time to post boston meetup pictures, we have such good times at those!