Sunday, August 27, 2006


Hi Boston lovers! I haven't posted too much, it's been play, play, play since Niko got here it seems. Mom has been crushing up ice for us to munch on too, it's yummy wanna see us eat some?

For some reason even when I don't have the toy, she chases me with it!

I was just resting here with a new bacon-flavored nyla-bone corn cob. It's crazy looking, but I don't care --it tastes like Bacon!

Did I mention Niko likes to try to get into every photo I am posing so seriously for?

This could've been a portfolio shot...

but then she jumps into the chair.

I warned her that I'm serious about my sun spots.

She just makes more noise. I'd rather go lay somewhere else than listen to her noise.


Friday, August 18, 2006

Bentley's Photo Shoots

(Bentley modeling some new swingates)

I haven't talked too much lately about my recent employment at PetSmart. After much time freelancing, and working for horrible bosses, I finally was employed as a graphic designer on the Visual Merchandising team at PetSmart. I work on the interior structures and layout of the stores' permanent signage, so when there is a chance to do a photo-shoot I always suggest my Bentley.

As far as working, I really like it here. I've worked him into 2 photo shoots and he is so well behaved they have asked me to sign him with the agency. I do always boast that it was his 2 petsmart training classes!

I also get to bring Niko and him in to work on Fridays! I have never been around so many people that have such love for animals, especially the PetSmart Charities, if you haven't heard of it it is worth checking out.

We do all the pro bono design work for their efforts and there is this number that makes my heart swell whenever I see it: "Lives saved: 2,636,716 as of July 9, 2006" that comes up on my work computer every morning.

Anyway here are some of the shoot pics, I thought with all of the spotting of BTs this might be fun to see.

I art directed this shoot as well, having the dog and cat both there was interesting!

These are the comps from a hot morning in PHX, we scheduled it for 7am to beat the heat, but it was still warm to be outside. The panting makes home look happy though, what a trooper!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

sleep and ropes

We had a long day at work yesterday, came home and crashed.

My mom snapped this pic when I was sleeping, because I would never let Niko this close.

She was super tired, and could barely even open her eyes.

She got only one to open eventually.

Today we are rested and ready to play. We've been running around the couch and fighting over hoofs and ropes all morning. I just need to distract her and then I can grab the rope!

Big open-mouth in the face should be good distraction.

She doesn't give up easily though...

just when I think I've almost got it...

she wins.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

circus is in town


They put a lot of funny things on Niko today and took pictures. I had to laugh because I didn't think...

they would put it on me. Hrmph.

Although it does look like an elizabethan collar, which can be construed as handsome, maybe not in pink though.

She got a shirt from the dollar days at PetSmart. It's big on her but she will grow into it they said. I grew into then right out of my shirt.

I don't think she liked the shirt, but they got some pics of it before she freaked out.

I told her the pink brings out the pink in her ears.

That made her smile.

My dad had to hold me so I didn't bite at her shirt, I was just trying to help.

Later on I napped, I get the left pillow....

Niko gets the right.

Sometimes she goes all crazy on the couch, like in this video:

Lets see, not too much else going on. Niko and I went to work with mommy, and had some fun with the dogs there, she put a little video of that up here too:

With all this running, I am keeping in shape, I posed for this to put up my dogster page, let people see how handsome I am. Oh and there's this video of me making weird noises.