Saturday, August 05, 2006

circus is in town


They put a lot of funny things on Niko today and took pictures. I had to laugh because I didn't think...

they would put it on me. Hrmph.

Although it does look like an elizabethan collar, which can be construed as handsome, maybe not in pink though.

She got a shirt from the dollar days at PetSmart. It's big on her but she will grow into it they said. I grew into then right out of my shirt.

I don't think she liked the shirt, but they got some pics of it before she freaked out.

I told her the pink brings out the pink in her ears.

That made her smile.

My dad had to hold me so I didn't bite at her shirt, I was just trying to help.

Later on I napped, I get the left pillow....

Niko gets the right.

Sometimes she goes all crazy on the couch, like in this video:

Lets see, not too much else going on. Niko and I went to work with mommy, and had some fun with the dogs there, she put a little video of that up here too:

With all this running, I am keeping in shape, I posed for this to put up my dogster page, let people see how handsome I am. Oh and there's this video of me making weird noises.


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