Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ears Up Day

They're taking lots of pictures of little Niko today, something about her ears being up. My ears have been up as long as I can remember and no one made any special fuss over that.

She can't even sit nice for a picture, I mean she's supposed to be some little lady and look at her legs! I would call her more "little frog" than little lady.

And for some reason when we play I keep hearing that song by INXS, "The Devil Inside"

But they even took her out and snapped pictures of her on MY CHAIR! I just hope it doesn't smell like pee now.

She might even be narcoleptic, she just falls face first into the carpet and starts snoring.

I say instead of "Ears Up Day" we need a "Bottoms Up Day" and pour one out for me, it ain't easy dealing with this bitey monster.


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