Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's Copley week at camp Niko!

First official night at Camp Niko - we all started with a group photo.

Bentley tries to stay a good 2-4 feet - but enjoys the company some times.

His tolerance level for noise and fun is much less.

The girls take lots of breaks - with their high energy play this is very necessary.

Most of the time they are smart about it, but sometimes we have to encourage some quiet time.

Copley does a hallway check to see if we left any doors open that could lead to secret stashes of toys or kitties.

Danielle and Nick (Copley's parents) brought him and Niko some new toys! Bentley loves this one!

Niko can contort herself into some crazy poses!

We'll post more, the trips outdoors are only when necessary as they have no sweat glands and it is hot and muggy out there!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Long time!

We are apalled at how long it has taken to get back on the bloggers.

Could be that it was too hot? No! Cuz the computers are in the air conditioned house!

Bentley's gone a little crazy, licking beds and floors, and covers.

He thinks all pillows are his.

I guess we've just been trying to cool down, while things calm down.

Our parents got married this year and it's been crazy since!

We'll try to post more soon!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Holidays and Birthdays past

So, I totally had my birthday in December, and then not just a few weeks later we got even more gifts!!! But first for my birthday!

I got this toy on the right from some thing called "GoDog" that hasn't even ripped yet, even though Niko chewed, and pulled at it so it has a weird belly button.

Here's some video of me having my special birthday meal and good times with all my toys:

And this is a kitty toy, and even has catnip I think, because wherever I would chew the kitties would roll around all over like they were crazy.

mmmmm, there's nothing wrong with catnip!

Oh, so then all the sudden it's christmas and there's red and green stuff all over the house, or so they say since I don't think I see those colors. I do know the blankets are fuzzier and smell like cinnamon.

And the big tree is back, that is not a toy, and is not for chewing or peeing on.

Even Niko fell asleep just like last year (i'll try to find it and post it back here to show the sameness!)Last years:

Mom got our snowflake beds out and we laid in the sun, it was cold this year.

Niko tries to sit all funny on the pillows everytime, I am good and lay like a nice boy on the blankets, because I am 4 and know how to be a good dog for Christmas presents.

There was an unfortunate time where these collars with bells were shoved over our heads, they were jingly and loud, luckily mom took them off after we got really noisy shaking our necks.

We got lots of good Holiday greetings from everyone, we hope you all had as much fun as we are, and have a wonderful New Year!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Bentley is 4 years old today!

So far I have gotten extra treats, and dinner on a special plate. We did a cake a couple years back but I always got a little sick so now we just get more treatstuffs. I'll post more later about today's fun, but here are some of my baby pics, wasn't I cute?

My first mom let me play with bath scrunchies.

I also liked to pull the rug out from under MYSELF! HAH!

Mostly all I had to do was flash my cutest face..

and they were putty in my hands.

Here we are before we had furniture in our house, just me and the cats, mom and dad. (no Niko... was so quiet.)

I didn't even have to protect my toys, because the kitties didn't steal my stuff!

I perfected my yoga downward dogs in those days.

And my ears were still folded.

Such good naps, and memories!

I look forward to getting all my toys, hugs and kisses for my birthday today though! Right?

Friday, November 07, 2008

Lately... in November

Mom had us in a costume parade at work! Because of the economy we wore a recycled costume, but I like being the frog I even have a video about it remember?

We got new couches a while back (before we knew the economy was going to tank)

I have been testing them out pretty thoroughly, my results are almost ready to document, just need a little more time.

Niko is still a little bit annoying.

And Serena the cat is still staking out our beds for whenever we get up.

Other than all that we've been good, mom will hopefully be posting more now that a lot of the travel is slowing down!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


The antler's actually light up, Bentley was so excited about his light up ears, he could totally lead Santa through a blizzard.

More links to Bentley and Niko's Holiday modeling! They're really getting into it now!

Holiday Collars!

Kookie costumes!

Cosby Sweaters!


This is their friend Copley..


Monday, September 01, 2008

Niko models and gift card giveaway!

We forgot to post Niko's recent modeling ventures, and tell everyone about the weekly $250 gift card giveaway! Our mom works for them so we can't enter, but it's a good deal! It's right on the homepagein the upper left.

Jump in the lake!

We went to the Cosmo dog park in Gilbert, AZ. They have a nice little lake there, we had lots of fun!

This dog makes Niko look really small, but it's just that it's a great dane.

Kelley and Oz came along too!

Niko loves to give Oz kisses.

We kept running and jumping and splashing!

I did have to do my usual perimeter check. My mom got me a shirt that says "security" on it, since I walk the fences at the parks like a policeman.

Niko will fetch forever, this H2O football worked very well for the lake.

It was still a pretty hot day, so I would just lay right on the water! I don't do this in my pool at home because the water is not as shallow.

Oz cooled his tummy this way too.

Our friend Copley came with us too! Her mom is originally from Boston, our native lands!

This big dog, I think his name is Bear, he kept coming back to play, and he was so nice we weren't scared at how big he is!

We met so many nice dogs, one even went out to the deep part of the lake to get a ball for us that we were scared to get!

We spent a long time there! It was a bit of a drive but we snorted fun dog songs in the car ride down.

After the lake we went to the San Tan Mall, where dogs are allowed everywhere almost!

The rest of our weekend we've spent recovering! Niko was even too tired to type, so I made this blog for us both. Hope everyone else is having a great summer!