Monday, August 11, 2008

The NikOlympics

Mom's been really busy lately. But she doesn't want you to think we're not having fun!

I practice my swimming every weekend. I can beat any french bulldog that talks smack. I have become so good if there were olympics for dogs I would be the micheal phelps I bet.

My entrances have too much splash for dive competetitions, but I am in top form in all my niko paddlings (i've invented this stroke that requires a small nubby tail to break the surface of the water and create wake).

And I think I have gotten record times on my retreivals, my mom needs to get a touchpad so we can get some analytics on this.

Bentley however, seems to be putting all his energies (or lack thereof) towards perfecting the summer nap.

And my sister kitty Serena is in need of a personal trainer.

Venus has no recent photo because she is so fast running when the cameras come out!

We are sorry for being away so long, hopefully our mom will get her life figured out and achieve the correct balance between work, life, and dog blogging!

Oh, and this is some older swimming footage, but I think it can work in this exposé.