Tuesday, October 30, 2007


It's spoooky spooky devils night and we can't sleep so we thought we should give some updates on our NIGHTMARES!!! BWOOHAHHAHAH!!!


Bentley had a laughing bat fly next to him!!! AHHHHH!

This one is the scariest.... let me build it ups for you!!

We went to a costume parade and it was a lot of fun at first. We walked and everyone said Awww, and how cute, and I know they were meaning I was cute and not Bentley so much because he never makes eye contact.

There was this bulldog in a Karate outfit.... he could be scary but he was mostly nice and we said hi and sniffed his eyes.

Then there was a snow white daschie.... a bunny boxer... a skellie dog, dracula dog... so much fun!

Then THIS!!! As you can see Bentley is not even noticing this thing!! It is a scorpion and it is someone's PET!! It won the contest for having a pumpkin sitting on its back. and for the other than a dog category, which I GUESS is fair.

YIKES!! I hope to never be peeing and see that anywhere nears me!!


We don't have ALL our Halloweens pictures ready yet... but we have a video of us playing with a halloween toy when Oz was here!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


This is an older post and now Barleigh is a big dogger! But we thought we'd share since for some reason it was a draft!

I've had lots of doggers in my life lately, and I LUV IT!! This is Barleigh, she was a pup tht was going to go to the humanes societies but my mom's friend said NO! She is too cute for that I will take her! And her sister is adopted by another friend so they still get to play! She likes to put her paws on my head like this so we think she might be some parts of a boxer dog! Noone can figures out what she is mixed of! I just say she is a mix of cute, soft furs and playfun!

Sometimes when she opens her mouth real big I can look down into there and smell what she might have eaten! Mom says she loves her puppy breath, I don't know what she gets that from, hopefully she doesn't eat other puppies!

She is small like me now but we don't know if she will always be, a lot of my friends start out smaller than me, then they;re my same size, and then they get sooo big!!

For now we have lots and lots of fun though.

This is later on at homes now and Serena is trying to steal some of my sun rays, now I don't mind sharing but every now and then she turns evil and wants to smack on me with her picky paws! SO I can't relax as much in the sun when she is there.

I asked Bentley if he would watch her for a while so I could sleep and not worry. He was already just standing around probably waiting for the sun spot...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Aunt Suzanne!

I could list off many reasons I love my aunt Suzanne and it is her birthday today so I am going to!!!

She always lets me sit on her lap, even if she is wearing the nice clothes. I am going to give her lots of extra kisses!

She holds my bones so that I can chew them and chomp with all the power I haves.

She goes to baseball games with my other aunts, but I am sure they are both smilng here because they are thinking, "Wow we sure love our little Niko."

She sometimes goes into a cage like I do.

She says "awww, nikos, you'll get better.." to me when I am feeling ickies, or sad... and her skins is almost browns like me!

She plays with me sooo much of the time!! and throws my cuzzies whenever she comes over!

I loves her SOOO MUCH!! I know she'll have a good good birthday because I heard they are going to place where the steaks are served on swords tonight and its everything they can eat! I will be sad while they are gone, but I know they will bring some yummy steaks bites back for me and Bentley, right?!?

Happy Birthday to My Aunt Suzanne!!


We're so late with our posts I forgot to tell you all that Oz was over for a WHOLE WEEKEND!!!

He is my favorite boy dogs. He is so handsome to me and I love that he likes to play non-stop like me and would rather play and run than anything like sleep, cuz that's what Bentley always does is sleep.

Lucky for mom we played so hard we would get tires and then she had a chance to get some photos of us for the blog because most times they are blurry.

Sometimes, Bentley would try to play, or just try to smell Oz I think, he is such a weirdo. We had a new Halloween toy that was an owl but now is a one-eyed orange slobber blob. Mom found the eyeball in somones poop a day later and is scared ehr because eyeballs don't belong in poop, but it IS halloweens time mom!

Mom had us lay on the patio for some photos because it was so nice and sunny and some of her flowers were blooming even though we runs over them and pees in them all the time!

Oz didn't want to lays down for pictures, he likes to stand and see how funny he can make his shadow.

Mom thought we looked cute at the door, Mom let us in so we can play I was saying!!!
Oh, and we got some fun videos of our plays time!


And this video is of me with my puppy friend Barleigh at works. I have posts about her comeing soon too! I told mom we need to make those cats do some of our blog work out since she can't get to it all in time!


bye for nows, see you all soon!


can't BEELIEVE it's almost HALLOWEEN!!!

This is our Aunt Heidi. She has a boston baby like us named Toby...

Here's our mom holding him when she went to visit last April. We've never met him, but he smells nice.

Aunt Heidi is our mom's sister, and her husband taught the Niko how to swim! I don't care for the pool ever, no matter how hot it gets. But Niko would stand at the edge and just wine and wine for the toys until Uncle Cole said "Just come in and get it!" And she did! So now all Niko wants to do is swim.

Anyway, reason I bring such things up is to just set the background for the picture above. We put these costumes on for aunt Heidi when she was here, and hopefully it will be the last time, but it seems like they would be put away again and they are still out, so we worry.

The frog eyes pull on my brain, man!

Oh, and when she was here also there was this little baby human that her friend from Hawaii brought. She squealed and Niko liked to lick her. I kept a safe distance.

Mom is trying to catch up on all the posts and we will hopefully make it to Ike and Martha's wedding. Still can't believe it's Halloween again. The frog costume smells like stale candy corn, but at least I got some new toys.