Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Niko Post

Hi! I know how to do posts now, so not Bentley or anybody can stop me!

I read and watch videos on the internets!

I even watched my own videos! I can't believe Bentley kicked my butt when I was so small!

We got a lot of new toys for Christmas!

Bentley likes this rope the best! But not me...

I like this Christmas tree shaped green guy! He squeaks!!!


I roll around and his feet fall all over!! I love the tree!!!!

NO!!! Bentley you can't have the treee, It's all MINE!!!!


I might be too excited to post, we also got these beds that have snowflakes, but mostly I use them like a sled so that I don't run into the doors.

AHHHH, My tree!!! Bentley is trying to get my tree!!!

Whew, that was close.

I also got this green dog, named scottie. I already ate his tale, it tasted like green dog tail.

Yummm.... green dog taste.


Bentley hid my tree toy, I know it! ARGHHH!!!

Well, I am pretty hyper, but I sat here for a treat so mom could make a new icon. Till next time! Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

My Birthday!

My Birthday was December 1st, and I am officially 2 years old! Which is more like 14, mom keeps calling me a moody teen. We had a birthday party at my mom's office with some other doggies, it was really fun.

I got a delicious cake

My friend Oz got me a gift with a really funny card, I was laughing but only on the inside.

I opened gifts...

Carefully, paper freaks me out sometimes with it's crinkly sounds.

I got all these new toys, I've already destroyed the monkey. I think it was made for babies or toy dogs because it didn't last very long. My mom is saving the platypus for last.

I guess I am a Cardinals fan now, since I also got this jersey.

This was not only the only cake I've ever had, it was also the best. Peanut butter and carob. It made Oz and I puke a little bit, but probably because we ate it all in one gulp.

Niko and Oz kept wanting more cake, the humans put it high up on a shelf and it made them whine.

We had another friend stop in for some cake too, his name is Tater and his gift was a nice puddle of pee back near the cake.

I think he kind of looks like Niko with a longer everything.

We got really thirsty from all our partying. But it's hard to all drink at once and no one waits their turn.

Niko was acting more like the party was for her, being all wild and crazy like she is.

Oz had a pretty good time at the party too I think, we all felt pretty drunk from all of the cake.

Another example of Niko thinking it was her day, she kept steeling Oz's new bed.

Even sleeping for hours in it.

Here's a good picture that captures Niko's beauty.

All in all, we had a really good day. Now I expect Christmas will be like a Birthday 10-fold, although I overheard talk of me having to wear some sweater and pose for some family photo. Hrmph.