Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ears Up Day

They're taking lots of pictures of little Niko today, something about her ears being up. My ears have been up as long as I can remember and no one made any special fuss over that.

She can't even sit nice for a picture, I mean she's supposed to be some little lady and look at her legs! I would call her more "little frog" than little lady.

And for some reason when we play I keep hearing that song by INXS, "The Devil Inside"

But they even took her out and snapped pictures of her on MY CHAIR! I just hope it doesn't smell like pee now.

She might even be narcoleptic, she just falls face first into the carpet and starts snoring.

I say instead of "Ears Up Day" we need a "Bottoms Up Day" and pour one out for me, it ain't easy dealing with this bitey monster.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Chair safety.

Seriously, things are getting nuts here

lines to get water

crazy acrobatics
the video:

Bed stealing

cuz hogging

we both get tired, but Niko especially can't hang past 10:30. She's a wuss.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Poor lil' frog... never stood a chance

I had it first! It's my frog!

Niko: "But Bentley, you've had the frog for 3 seconds, not it's my turn!"

Niko (with satanic voice) "I don't care it's MINE!!!"

Oooh, Bentley has the frog again!

But she's biting his achilles heel!

It's all butts from here...

She get's it, and with only 2 seconds left in the game!

But he's not giving it up too easy...

Where'd he go?

Whew, time to sleep.

Everyone might as well rest at once.

Even the kitties, who have been catching all the action from elevated surfaces.


Saturday, July 08, 2006

There are 3 different beds, so there's no reason she has to share mine.

She smells a little bit like pee sometimes.

And there's this fiery red that glows from her eyes.

But it's nice to have a little friend, and she always likes to play, so mostly I loves her.

Here's another video of our recent cagematch:

Monday, July 03, 2006

Introducing *~Niko~*

Thought you might want to meet my new little sister, Niko.

It was quite an adventure, they got me a car seat so I could see out the window and be all buckled in. It was my first big road trip and I was really good, 4 1/2 hours I hung out just watching cars, mountains and desert.

I stayed in my first hotel room, it was nice there was a couch and a TV, and my parents got room service so they wouldn't have to leave me alone.

We didn't walk around too much as it was really hot, but the town of Palm Springs was neat, shadowed by a huge mountain and had these big stars to pee on.

Even though there were misters, it was too hot to sit down and eat outside. I'm not smiling here, just panting heavily.

Niko showed up the 2nd day of the trip, I am still getting used to her but she's been pretty fun to play with.

Niko is from Yucca valley, which is hot, I don't think she likes the sun like I do since she always wants to go back in.

She mostly just sleeps right now, in her play area.

My mom is taking lots of pictures of her, it better not cut into any of my film time is all I gotta say.

Though, I admit she is pretty cute, and much more peaceful when she sleeps.

But when she is awake, lordy you better be ready, she's a biting, peeing, pooping machine. She bit me on the mouth, leg, and butt already, but you'll see in this video I put the smackdown on her once already.

Mom says she's just teething and thats why she bites, but I don't like it.

I think were going to have some fun together, I'll keep you posted.