Wednesday, March 28, 2007


We're going on a trip! They usually leave us with someone but we got some traveling time machine looking little houses and were going with them! It's somewhere called Toooson Tuson.... oh Bentley says it's spelled Tucson. That looks like Tucksin to me! We'll take lots of pictures. I like the new houses they have roll up windows!

They're pretty cozy inside too, kinda look like choclate with scratches in it. I dunno anyone who'd want to live in a choclate house in this hot of a state though, Ha!

I'm pretty excited, I haven't gone on a trip since I travelled here from Yucca. I think I'll put a chair here in the front porch area and look at the stars!

The inside is good too, there's this striped mat, it does make some crunchy sounds so they put a fuzzy bed in its place.

Bentley says he likes them too, we're going to have fun! Mom says she's going to look for dog parks there and everything! w00t!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

no privacy for the muscle man.

I've been trying to blog lately but there's always a crowd. I need my privacy people!

Dad took some pics of me with my skully top in the sun rays, I think you can tell that I work out my arms a lot, because I look really beefy in my tank.

Look at this shot, the way the light highlights my muscle definition. I don't know how all these women can keep themselves from wanting me.

I feel really stylish in my skull top.

I really don't think there is a bad angle of me in it. (notice muscle definition here as well.)

We're having a pretty good Saturday, the plans keep getting changed so mom is still home waiting it out and playing with us.

princess in the pee.

My mom found this website and thought she'd try to be as funny as them. I dunno if she's pulling it off. Venus is my favorite kitty, we play paw games under the door and its really fun. I put my paw under the door and she grabs it, then I smack her paw when she does it and then we both run around crazy and do it again.

My mom mopped all the floors last weekend for some family coming to visit. She piled all our beds up and I found out that 5 beds is like way better than one bed. My mom said "Awww, it's princess in the pee! " Thats kinda gross though because I never peed in the beds I just laid in them, but they do kinda smell like pee because Bentley sometimes pees on his paws and then lays in them probably.

It was so comfortable I fell right to sleep for a while, and then the floors were clean!

but even then I didn't want to get up.

speaking of sleep though, my favorite place to sleep is in the big bed where my parents sleep, with just a little bit of covers, not like Bentley - he goes all the way under and way down near the stinky feet. I like to sleep with my head and paws out, because its my job to wake up and make sure mom doesn't hit snooze more than 3 times.

Friday, March 16, 2007

working for a living

Hi again! Niko here. I'm at work with mom today and we're having lots of fun! There's this watermelon bed that I can hide toys in, and play with the other dogs like it's a mini pillow cave!

Bman has his new shirt on too, which he thinks makes him look tough so he's been growling and snipping when he is usually just quiet, maybe the weird picture on his back has some type of special powers.

I got to come in wednesday and be in some pictures. Mom let some other lady hold me. I had to stand real still and watch that guy act like he was cleaning pee up off the floor, but I never pee in the stores, so I was a little confused. It's for a safety poster, I liked having all the flashing and treats and peoeple tell me I'm good and cute, but I know Bentley was probably mad.

I got to be in this other shoot too and so did my friend Oz. I had to just sit still, but it was harder because this lady was really nice and I wanted to give her kisses.

Oz is really good at sitting still, and he doesn't put his ears back like me, when I put my ears back everyone keeps telling me "ears up!" but I am having too much fun!

Luckily the camera is magic and catches me really quick with them up! Bentley has been in some pictures too so I told him not to feel bad because now he shares the spotlights. Mom posted about his shoot here we like helping!

Monday, March 12, 2007


I know it's only March but it was in the 90s here! I WENT SWIMMING ALREADY! I have no idea where spring went, it went right from winter to SUMMER HAHAHAH!
This is last summer, but it shows how good I Swim!

My mom thinks I am crazy but I LUV THE HEAT!

I run out whenever I can to lay in it.

I get upset when she makes me come in, saying I'm gonna turn into a roasted rotisserie chicken or something, I dunno what a rotisserie chicken is, but if it's anything like my crazy toy chicken with the patch on his back it must be some fun I am missing out on! I'll have to post the chicken when I get a chance. Mom's sewed him up 5 times, he has only one wing left and a patch, HAHAHAH LOL!!!

When we pant like crazy drooling trolls she gives us a bunch of ice. We love the ice. I can put all of it in my own mouth and I try to because Bentley is soooo slow.

Mom has to go away again for 3 days to Nashville, I think that's where Steve Nash the basketball dude comes from. I am not sure why she has to leave us again, but it's less time she says and she promises to get us something AND take us to the park when she gets back! We hope everyone has a good St. Pat's, we will try to post our St. Pats picture in time!

Till then, here's a funny picture of me about to itch my hear, HA!!! LOL!!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sick Moms, dog parks, and Puppy Pictures

Hi Everyone! Bentley here, we finally got to go to the dog park today and yesterday. Two days in a row is fun for the park, we made some friends and the weather was really nice. Mom wanted to take a picture of us in front of the mountains and fountains, but Dad was sick so it was just her and she can't hold the leashes, help us pose, and take a good picture.

This is us last time we were at the park, it's in Fountain Hills and we get to go up and down through the mountains to get there, when it's so sunny and nice and mom opens the windows at the stoplights, we just smile.

We met 2 other Boston Terriers and gave them our blog address. Their names were Plato and Zues and they were lots of fun. Some crazy Jack Russel tried to bite me so I wanted to leave after an hour, but mom picked me up and carried me out of harms way so Niko could keep playing.

We haven't posted in a while because we've been taking care of her, she's had the worst cold *ever*, she missed 4 days of work (which we didn't mind because it meant napping, playing, and giving her big kisses after she had coughs and runny noses.)

She hasn't taken hardly any new pictures of us, so I suggested she post some of my puppy pictures from the archives. Some have never even been scanned! So here they are, I was pretty darn cute.

My parents got me from a lady named Pat in Mesa, AZ. She listened to the television very loud and still has my mom named "Mini-me" but my dad went to that place in the sky with all the baloney trucks, his named was "The Gambler".

When my mom and dad came to see me I looked this cute, so that's why they had to get me.

Pat used to let me grab the rug and run! It was fun, and I remember that. I liked to pull it over my head cuz the TV was so loud.

When I came to live with my mom and dad they didn't even have furniture yet cuz they just moved here from cold, cold Michigan. It was just us and the cats and a blow up bed for almost 2 weeks!

I was the only one with a real bed and those kitties would always want to steal it. I shared sometimes.

Then I got my little den, I loved to lay in it and had my little seal baby too from Pat's house.

I used to get these little bones too, called "edibles", till I started eating them in seconds.

Hedgehog was my favorite toy.

There were a lot of puppy pictures, it was hard to decide which ones to put in my blog. I think I chose the best though.

This one reminds me that I need to go take a nap, running around that dog park makes me tired! Bub-bye!