Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Foods for Thoughts

We have been completely consumed moving to the new place and overwhelmed with work from day jobs, but will catch up soon with our buddies. So sad we are about so many of our beloved friends and families.

Bentley and Niko have both been sick on and off with their food. We thought we had the perfect blends of Eukanuba Low Resideue Vetrinary Diet canned and Blue Buffalo Lamb and Rice dry, now they are both having issues. We have done some research and might move to either Canidae or Royal Canin for the dry and possibly cook foods add other natural foods for supplements. Any suggestions?

Do any of your pups eat Canidae or Royal Canin?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bman's Worldwide Pants

Okay. I am not sure why Bamn finds it necessary to suddenly wear pants.

He says he's worried about the war. But I told him we are far away... but he says no we are not.

He wants to help but he doesn't know, when he heard we were beefing up soldiers he put on these pants.

I have this world here that I know how to handle and that's all I can do.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Sweet sweet little Lulu.

Our sweetest little grilfriend Lulu has been in the hospital and through some Emergency room visits this week. It's been heartwrenching. We're pretty busy moving into our new place but wanted to post the stories and offer the opportunity for friends to donate and help them out with their $5k and rising vet bills. I've been in tears almost every night and sending as much love an prayers their way.


And it's a tough read, but if you'd like to follow their trials I have links to the posts below.

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Lulu Update #8

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Swimmings...Moving Sales... Kitties... and Record Heat!

I don't know if you can see that thermometer back there, but its been way way too hot here.

Bentley, who hates the pool, didn't even get mad when we waded in with him. He jumped out right away and got in this chair though, not like me, I still loves the pools!!!

I likes to rides on these floating things, and bite at the splashes!! Water in pools is yummy so I don't know why they try to get me to not ever drink it!

I like to get cool in the water, then soak up some sun!

My aunt and uncles that let me swim in their pool have these funny kitties too. They are different than our kitties, because they are from Mars I think.

Especially Zuli, he likes to sing in an invisible microphone like a kitty I saw on the web at

I like his blue blue eyes, but he scares me when he chases me.

They also have this one named "Nikki" which sounds a lot like my name. There's another one named "Dezi" but he hided the whole times.

Some of my friends asked me to see my new backyards and my mom took more pictures when she was over there looking to see if it was okay to move in soon. This one is of something they call Horse Shoes pits. I think I've seen a horse before and I don't know if I want to share my backyard with one. Mom says we just throw their shoes there, and I'm not allowed to chase them cuz they are heavy. I am confused.

This spot will be just for running really fast over because it will probably be too hot, but maybe our pool can go on it.

This is my favorite spot, I am loving grass whenever I see it and they have to drag me or carry me away because I want to always roll in it, so I can imagine I will be spending some time getting to know this area really well.

My parents had a rummage sale too and sold a bunch of the furniture that we had puked or peed or touched our poopy butts on, so now we will be starting fresh with new surfaces to put our stinky messes on! The problem I have is that these chairs are all that's left and we have 2 weeks to move in and who knows how long to get other furniture, so there's hardly any room for us on those weird chairs!

Oh, I almost forgot that when we were over aunt and uncles they put me on Zuli's cat tree, and this made him mad and me scared! I don't want that kitty mad at me!

Bentley said to not forget to put more pictures of him, and so these are all I know of, because he was getting scratches in his good spot and made a funny face.

He likes that spot. We are excited to move, we might get to visit the new yard as early as next tuesday! After reading Tanner Toosdays of course.