Saturday, May 13, 2006

100 degrees in the shade

How is everyone this Saturday? My mom's got me on her lap right now while she reads, it's pretty hot out, I think like 100 somethings, which supposedly is HOT. But we're in the shade, and there's a little breeze every now and then. I prefer warmth to the chilly indoors.

Those kitties are jealous of me and how I get to come outside all the time. But they would run up a tree, over the fence and in to the road, mom says. So they have to just look at me angrily as I get to sit out here.

She's crazy trying to take a picture like this, she never likes how funny it makes her look, not to mention my face, with my smug mug.

This is kinda cool though, our reflection in the glass, nice mom, nice. You can even see one of those sulking kitties in there in my bed. Hey! that's MY bed! Oh well, guess I'm pretty lucky to be out here in the warm yard.

When we came back in it was time for some sun laying, but all the beds were taken, so mom had to get the pad from my crate for me to lay on. That orange round bed is mine though, hrmph.

I don't like being between these kitties at all. At any moment they could enter into one of their "fits-of-rage" snarling matches and I would be caught helpless in between. I do not feel safe at all.

That's better, just a little buffer zone between species is all I ask.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Toy Wonder

You don't always have to play with the toys.

Sometimes it's good to just sit, and enjoy their company.

Hey little blue ball, hows it going?

Blue ball is scared of what happened to Orka toy.

I loved the Orka toy, but it broke in half after some arduous chewing.

I think the toys that disappear go in this weird abyss, which is why I'm scared to go in there.

I am always looking for them... Orka?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The tough job of looking cute

My mom had a birthday recently, and she thought it'd be a good idea to take pictures of some of her gifts to send to family, but of course I was called upon to make sure they looked classy.

Here I am modeling the little bistro set she got.
Until there was some noise over the wall, I barked to be sure they knew I was here.

Ahh, it was nothing, just the neighbor, not some giant monster or burglar.
Mmm, I like the smell of fresh air.

I can also see the little park from here, it's tempting to get down
and run over there, but Mom says no, cuz the cars drive too fast,
so I hafta wait for my leash.

She got a bench too, it's pretty nice, for a year all that was out on
this porch was a dirty table with a pot on it, and some dusty
plastic ivy hanging out, even I knew that didn't look right.

Hey, mom, can we be done already? It's hot and there's no
cushys on these chairs.

I thought we were done, but oh, was I wrong, it was off to the
backyard to help her model a purse she got.
It ain't easy being so cute.

you make me want to be a better dog.

I'm thinking about turning over a new leaf for spring, trying to be a better dog, but I have conflicting ideas on what *good* is.

I hear from one side being good is sharing the sun spot with the kitties.

But then I also hear that it's okay to run up to the kitties and pop the cuz toy from my mouth so it hits them in the face.

Wait, that's confusing, this side says it's NOT good to throw any toys at kitties faces.

Wow, this side thinks sunspots are for pansies, and I should chase kitties whenever I see them!

This is too confusing, I'm just gonna put these in my mouth.

Christmas Cards - November 2005

I've got more stuff done as far as prints set up, and greeting cards at my cafepress store. I'm making a little ad for it. I kinda wish their greeting cards were better priced and in larger quantities, I am thinking of going to Kinkos and doing some bulk then selling them myself for less, and using them to send out. Anyway, here is the latest "Boston Elves" composition (larger pic under cut).

It was really fun to make, and I used a lot of the posted pics to get references for faces, and expression. I am sure there will be more to come.
the whole card

Me with Santa, December 17, 2005

Posted these to Boston Buddies, but thought I'd post here too.

Bentley went to PetSmart to get his photo with Santa. It was a she-santa, but Bentley seemed comfortable enough on her lap.

The Dance of the B-Man - December 21, 2005

gimme GIMME GIMmEE that ball!

There's canned heat in my heels tonight BABAY!

You know this boogie is for reeel...

I just need some ice skates and a frozen pond!

w00t! I'm rolling over! what more do you want! (in all our attempts to get the horse-bucking pase, he rolled over several times in futility)

"Thank, you sir Bentleyham for your entertaining dance."

I finished up my Valentine's art this weekend! I have the cards set up, and the T's (dog and human) will be set up later tonight! The design is from an early sketch I did for a painting I have to do yet.

more of Bentley's pondering in the sun - January 28th 2006

This is my first post of the new year. I've been pretty busy. I know it appears as though I am in prison, this fence is just to protect me from drowning, even though I don't like that pool and wouldn't go in it.

My mom went to Laguna Beach for a wedding, and I got babysat for the first time, I was pretty good, and feel more mature about myself now. My babysitter had a little fox terrier named Cali that bit me on the neck a lot, and didn't like to share toys, even if they were mine! I know it was in play, but I don't care for all that aggression. If Southwest flew doggies I could've gone, since the Inn was pet friendly.
My favorite place to be is still in the sun, wherever it is. My mom moves my bed for me to the different spots in the house it shines in. I like this spot most because it's full sun.
Woah, that flash is bright! I think today we are going to go to the dog park in Fountain Hills. It's a drive, but worth it to play with doggies all my size.
Here I am with these bars again, seriously I'm not in prison, I am a really good doggie.

Romacing the Flames - January 2006

Our heat is still not working, I hope Mom makes a fire again tonight.

Oh yeah, this is nice and cozy.

All I need now is some Barry White, Cognac, and maybe some pretty little doggie girl I can whisper sweet nothings into the ear of.

Oh, I'm trying to get more videos up like Joey and Tanner, but they're taking a while This one is there though.

Holiday Pics

I didn't end up getting a costume for Bentley so I photoshoped some dracula onto him. He did get this toy from someone at the dog park, and is enjoying all the kids coming to the door. I told someone he was a cat for howloween.

Bentley wishes everyone a happy new year! Be safe, and have fun!

He'd like to add that he has enjoyed this community, and posing for pictures for it. Through the good times, and the bad we've been able to always feel connected by logging on and getting involved, sharing pictures, calendar contests, getting feedback on Boston art and helping others through difficult times as well. Thanks boston_buddies! May the years to come be just as supportive and fulfilling!

Pimp Bentley - August 8, 2005

what up. crunk.

Bentley has recovered. He had a bout with Tic fever that was kinda scary, so he's been couped up on antibiotics, and unable to go to the dog park. Now he's better but the monsoon sets in every night lately and makes it too stormy or scary to go out. Poor guy, just him and his yellow ball lately.

He did learn to ride the skateboard in his training class at Petsmart. *proud*

"check out my couch athletics"

"this is NOT too big for my mouth!"


"ok, heh, maybe it is"

"i luvs me some ice..."

"i is tired"

...and some progress on the paintings...