Friday, November 07, 2008

Lately... in November

Mom had us in a costume parade at work! Because of the economy we wore a recycled costume, but I like being the frog I even have a video about it remember?

We got new couches a while back (before we knew the economy was going to tank)

I have been testing them out pretty thoroughly, my results are almost ready to document, just need a little more time.

Niko is still a little bit annoying.

And Serena the cat is still staking out our beds for whenever we get up.

Other than all that we've been good, mom will hopefully be posting more now that a lot of the travel is slowing down!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


The antler's actually light up, Bentley was so excited about his light up ears, he could totally lead Santa through a blizzard.

More links to Bentley and Niko's Holiday modeling! They're really getting into it now!

Holiday Collars!

Kookie costumes!

Cosby Sweaters!


This is their friend Copley..