Monday, April 30, 2007

Tucson Trip saga one

Hey everyone! We STILL haven't gotten our mom to post all the pictures from our Tucson trip! They've both been travelling a lot. They went to Rocky Point, then to Dallas but now they are back and being all kissy and lovey to us like they didn't leave us home while they went galavanting all over the country. Anyway, enough about those jerks. Here's some of the pictures, there's a lot so we might take turns posting them, since Niko likes to post just as much as me! We did have a super nice petsitter named Heather come take care of us and play with us while our parents neglected us and had fun.

When we got to Tucson they tried to take us down to 4th street to eat at a cafe but it was SUPER hot, so we ended up going through a drive-through.

We told them to pull over to take pictures of these pretty mountains, so they did!

Look how goofy Niko looks, she makes me laugh.

Here's our dad holding us, he's usually the one taking pictures.

We wanted to play in this field but there were a bunch of boys kicking around a ball too big for us to play with anyway. Oh jeez, Niko wants to type some. Fine, Niko here...

I MET A FUN DOGS AT THE PARK! Her name was clementine? or valentine, oh I can't remember, we had GREAT TIMES!

Bentley was all like "DONT TALK TO THE STRANGE DOGS NIKO!" but I love other dogs so I showed them my frisbee.

And they told me Bentley needs to lighten up, we had fun and he just walked around like a scared dog.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

We're Back!

Hello All! We made it home safely from Tucson. Niko was sick a couple times there, so that was a bummer. We have pictures and videos of the fun we still managed to have but we've been very busy! The weather has been really great here, so we walk and go to the park whenever we get a chance, which doesn't leave a lot of time for blogging, but soon it will be too hot to even go outside. At the park we have 1 shit-zu friend named Freddy and two curly haired dogs named Pumpkin and Pebbles. Rusty is a min-pin and he comes too, all the humans laugh because we are all under a foot high running around like crazy, but it's my favorite thing to do lately.

We've gone through a couple rounds of toys, this was our short-lived chipmunk, he was de-tailed.

Mom also moved the chairs into the early sun for us a couple times on the weekends. Here we are looking as if we will partake in lackadaisical debate.

Mom got us a new bed too, since everyone kept hogging the other bed, now noone lays in the other bed, Hah! Oh and that little bunny was our gift from the easter bunny, thanks easter bunny!