Friday, August 24, 2007

what would we do baby, without us... sha-na-na-na

We haven't posted in furrr-ever! I love my new house I live in. Mostly because I love grass and I want to go outside all the time.

Bentley, even though he has whole yards now, still only wants to sleep in the people chairs. Silly man.

I helped unpack for MONTHS! There are still boxes all over. I was like my puppia is in this one mom!

Bentley didn't help at all, he just laid on a bed inside, laid on a chair outside, laid on beds in rooms... lazy lazy boy. Mom says she needs to start getting up at o'dark early morning to walk us again since he doesn't exercise on his own.

Here we are on the new couches, our moms and dads don't like us to chew cuz's up here because the spit comes out and combines with dirt but they should know better than to get any color than dirty spit for a couch, sheesh.

Here's a picture of mom and aunt Suzanne to show how messy our house has been since we moved in. I like running in and out of the boxes maze, and finding fun things to chew like yummy packing tape, styrofoam, bubble papers POP POP POW!!!

Here is a rare moment where me and Bentley are not fighting.

In only seconds I will lay on my own bone and steal his so he will go pout in a corner... BWAHAHA!

Bentley takes out his quiet anger at me on the kitty's toys. Mom and dad were not very happy to see this destruction.

He was all like... "What? I had to get that cat nip out of there, we don't need all these drugs in the house."

The rug got vacuumed and he got a star toy without cat nip, I don't know why he would get a new toy thats like a prize for being a jerk.

Would you all like to see some of the new houses rooms? I am going to show some. Serena will help, we are friends and she lays by me sometimes.

This is the kitchen, and Bentley's butt.

Here is the living room. The kitties got a new pagoda condo so they could hide from us when we get the crazies and run around sliding on the floors.

Here is my bed that other people always sleep in.

I like to swim in the pool lots, but I can't do it whenever I want because I drink too much of the water and have accidental pees. But I like to jump in and get the balls, I will have videos soon! Oh and guess what scary things have happened...

Mom saw this camel spider on the garage and then screamed but took a picture so she could look up to see if it was good or bad. I guess it's not really a spider, and it's good because it eats scorpions which she's worried are going to bite me when I sniff under rocks and she stepped on one in the garage and screamed bloody murder then had to kill it with a big shovel because she smashed it when she stepped on it. I am glad I haven't seen any yet.

My boyfriend came over to play and see my new house last night and it was the funnest time ever. I haven't seen him in months! I didn't get pictures, but we had some from when he came over for his birthday and I gived him the camo pants that match his puppia.

We have more fun than ever.

Okay, talk to you soon! We have lots of more pictures, but this is getting too long and mom said she needs the computer to do work and write to family since the computer has been down for soooo long.