Sunday, June 25, 2006

Holy June-ipers it's HOT!

I haven't posted in a while. It's really hot here, but I still go out and sit in my sun chair till I feel like a cooked piggy, then I com back in and lick this leopard bone. I dunno why it's leopard print, but it tastes pretty good.

My parents are contemplating getting another BT, I am 50/50 on it, as I like to have most of the attention on me, but on the other hand, humans can be so boring and I need to talk to another species of my kind.

My parents went to Michigan last week and visited my cousin Sadie. I have never met this tall lass of a dog, but she seems nice, she really likes my mom. They say there's more grass than they know what to do with there, I love grass.

Ahh, well. I have a little park across the street with grass I roll in, and don't have to listen to my parents complain about taking care of it. Hope everyone is well, we've been enjoying all the posts.

Oh, here's a link to some video with a toy I had for a very short time, my mom is working overtime trying to replace it, because even when I hear the video I go crazy! I miss that monkey.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

One huge perk of my mom's new job is a big discount on pet stuff, she got us matching beds!

It's sooo comfy....

And Venus luvs her new blue bed, which should keep her out of mine.

Serena is easily disturbed so often goes back to the couch for comfort.

Friday, June 02, 2006

My mom and I were sitting out by the pool, discussing our day at work. It's 111 degrees out, but she likes to splash her feet in the water after a day at work. I stood in it a while, but I don't need that stuff splashing all up in my ears so I got out.

She took me to work with her, and tried out some new beds she bought, I'm a little afraid of that chair rolling into me so the extra bed bumper helps.

This is my new Friday friend, Cheeto. We play while mommy works.

It was all fun and games till she put this shirt one me, I was embarassed at first but then I thought I might look cute, and at least it's not flourescent like Cheeto's shirt.

I might just learn to bowl now...

It was a fun day, but I might make my move on that Margarita before it gets too low to lick with my little pug snout.