Sunday, December 30, 2007

Howlidays On Ice

My holidays so far, by Niko:

Mom didn't want to go back to work, but we were so glad when she had to and she took us with her because then I get to see my friend Ollie and dance all crazy with him! We didn't get a picture of Ollie's new sister, but Ollie's mom got her from the humane society and she had been there 4 long years on and off that's older than me and Bentley! She was so sweet we had no idea why it took so long for someone to adopt her! She looks just like Ollie, only with some Corgi mixed in! She is very happy now and we were glad she is in a loving home now for the holidays!

My other friend I get to see at work is Copley! She is a puppy but she is getting big and so rambunctious!

She likes to sneak by and grab me when she thinks I don't know she's there!

The ref blew the whistle on this play, it is definitely a horse collar! 15 Yards!

We're definitely going to have lots of fun, we both love to run and play all the time!

Okay, so this is a fun picture. My mom and Dad went to Michigan for Christmas. Our grandpa and grandma took care of us and we had loads of good times but we never have gotten to meet our cousin Sadie. Mom says she is big and would probably want to hunt us like bunnies. Mom thinks this is funny because it is so cold in the Michigans and she never takes the warm clothes so she borrows some and looks funny.

Sadie always has to wear bright orange colors on her because she looks like a deer and there's bad things that happen to the deer up there. Here is Sadie finding bunnies in the bushes. I think we could have fun because I am fast and spunky and like to play. Maybe some day I will meet the big Sadie.

Here is me passing out from too much fun on Christmas. My aunt Suzanne has a nice lap for me but I cannot stay awake for so many gift openings.

Bentley reserves all his energy through the day by never ever moving running or playing so he is able to stay awake with all the humans.

He is sooo alert! I guess I should take more naps, what if I am missing out on something crazy and fun!

All the gifts have been opened and put away but we still have this crazy tree in our house! I like it I wonder if we will keep it here forever? I run around really fast and sometimes toys come crashing to the ground that are dangling on it, but mom comes running in and makes sure I don'tplay with the toys, I am not sure who they are for.

Bentley says he will post about his holidays too, but now he must nap.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

December Boston MeetUp

My birthday wasn't too bad. We went to our MeetUp but they had locked all the gates because of rain, which was stupid because it was totally sunny. Oh and you'll never guess what was in that box! It was a Boston Christmas tree! It has little Bostons climbing all over it and my grandma and grandpa got it for me!

We found the stunning replicas of ourselves and all the great things we can find if we climb the Christmas tree, so now we can't wait to get that tree in here Mom's been talking about!

Mom rescheduled the MeetUp for next Satruday in hopes they won't have some crazy frost warning, we might exchange gifts also which will be super fun!

Here's a picture of me pulling as hard as I can towards the gate, but the person that took it was probably getting the crazy mid-air catch of that other BT.

There was another non-BT there that had a really long nose like an anteater! He was very nice!

So two weekends, two meetups should be good!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

The day of the great Bentley (observed)

So this Saturday is the big day! My birthday (observed), please refer to my last post about why we decided to postpone.

I am a little bit worried. I am supposed to meet all my Boston friends at the dog park on this of all days and the weather is threatening to be like the picture above. It rained and was cold all Saturday and then was sunny on Sunday. Hrm.

My parents like to go out and watch the sky swallow the mountains, it's a little scary because I do NOT want the clouds to swallow me. If it is a low-cloud-wet-cold day I do not know if I will observe the social birthday, instead I will retreat to the cozy warmth of my bed and hopefully mom will see how pitiful and cold I am and throw a fuzzy fleece blanket on me.

I did get to try on my early birthday gift. I don't really know why Niko would ALSO get a gift on MY birthday, but Mom says she got a deal so we both have new coats.

I think there may be another gift in this box here, but mom is making me wait.

Niko likes her new coat, I do to, I must admit I hate having drops of rain or cold breezes blow on my very little amount of fur. For Arizona it does get pretty cold!

Mom had us running around with the tags on at first untill we knew they fit. There's even pockets we can carry spare foods in like those Hobbits when they go on journeys!

I can't wait to get all our DWB cards up, it is starting to get super fun, we get 4-5 and sometimes six a day! Hope youa re all staying warm!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

three years young!

Guess who has a birthday today?

You wouldn't think it was mine, but it is. Bsically all I've gotten that was good was a bil jac treats and some smoochie kisses from mom. I voluntarilay potponed my birthday till next saturday. Today was not a good day for a birthday because I got a shot today and because I am allergic I had to take Benadryl so I am basically out of it and annoyed at the cats, niko, and even the humans.

But next saturday mom will be done with helping with all the christmas cards, and we have a boston terroriers meetup and I will get presents and maybe even cake. So for this year I will move my birthday to a less sucky day.

Instead of my cake and gifts, our table is full of DWB card stuff. I am still liking all the cards though we get so excited when mom brings in the mail!

Oh... I almost forgot the 3rd or is it 4th? reason I am moving my birthday. I went to work with Mom and Niko on Friday and there was a new Boston puppy there. Mom called me over and all I could think of is that there was going to be another dog like Niko around and I freaked out and bit it right on the ear.

Everybody squealed, and I got yanked back by my harness and scolded and then I was even MORE grumpy because how was I supposed to know this wasn't some horrible idea of a birthday gift, ANOTHER little bratty sister to bite my lips with needle teeth. Fooey on them all. SO till next week, Bentley is out. Out on benadryl, and out on any smiling or happylicks. Niko wants to write a bit...


such a cute little girl I can't wait to play with her! I tried to make her not so scared after the angry B-man chomped on her ear and made her squeal. He's such a grump sometimes.

I do feel bad for him, I am trying to think of a good birthday gift I will get him, like maybe even just not stealing his toys for that day, or not passing gassies when we lay together, I dunno. I could write his name in poopies outside, that would be like drawing like my mom does.

Eh, I've got an extra week now that he moved it back, I can do more napping.