Monday, September 24, 2007

Ice Ice Baby

You'll understand the title I thought of once you watch my videos on the bottom. Hows things? I am doing sooo good. I play a lot, so much that we all find it hard to get to the bloggers.

My friend Oz was over Sunday and we played fetch and swam!

I get pretty serious about my cuz.

Isn't Oz a cute boy! I loves him.

I am still lookign pretty psycho here, I get a little crazy when were round the pool.

If you look close you can sees me under the water! Kelley, Oz's mom took these pictures and she has a "splash" setting!

Then we ran some more to dry off.

We also had good times at work on Friday. Bentley likes this little puppy named Molly.

And I have a new friend named Ollie (here to the right)

We broke out of the playroom and ran all over the office with mom chasing us, she can't run very fast and looked really funny trying!

Ollie just wanted to show me his cube that he hangs out in.

Oh! Here's the video of me at the dog park cooling off in the ice!