Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More Moving Fun!

We thought we'd take a breather from our indoor fetch games to say "Hey!"

Mostly we've been playing inside since it's a zillion degrees out. The 'rents sold the dining room table, so that makes a good wrestling court/fetching arena. We had so many fotos we liked we put them into a little movie montage (below)

Even B-man is having good times, although often they have to throw one toy for me, and then another for Bentley cuz he can't never catch me cuz I am so fast.

Once the sun goes down we sometimes go across the street to the park. We'll definitely miss our park friends, and having it so close! Above is Scholar and Pumpkin, they are sooo much fun!

Here's Pebbles (Pumpkin's sister) and Oxy, Scholar's brother. We run and chase and bark and have good good times!

We've been exersizing lots and that makes us sleepy! WE'll try to post more, it's only 2 more weeks until we have a grassy back yard to run in! w00t!!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Our summer is BIZZY SHIZNASTIC!!!

It might look like we're lazy, but really we've been doing so much!!

Falling right out of our beds with our overworked selves.

We helped mom take some pictures for stuff she was selling on cragslist. This is the only time I've ever even seen them make the bed.

So between posing for pictures...

Hanging out with our Aunt Suzanne (her and Niko are having a tanning contest. See who can get browner, whatever they'll never be as black as me)

It's a lot of work for 2 little dogs. Check out how hard we play in this directors cut of a long video.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I'm supposed to be a fishy!

maybe instead of Niko I should be called NEMO! I am orange-ish and white like those fishies, and I am a clown, HAH! LOLLOLOL!!! GUESS WHO ELSE LIKES TO SWIM LIKE ME!?!?

the CUZ!! We had so much fun this weekend swimming and jumping and splashing!

Bentley likes to hide when swimming is done, but mom brought him out and set him in the pool.

He was all like "I do not care to do this standing in a big drinking bowl." He took some drinks and then left.

I bet he would like it more if the cuz jumped in there!!

Mom even got some little movies of us playing! I always want to go in the pools now, I make little squaky noises at the gates!!LOL!!

Friday, June 01, 2007

weekend cleaning

Hey, we hope everyone is doing well. It's been really hot here, so we've been spending a lot of time inside. I guess that's why our mom got a cleaning bug. Since we rent our house and are moving in 1 month! That's exciting but some strangers will be coming by to see the house and mom doesn't want them to see what she calls the "filfth" we normally live in. I enjoy the occasional ball of cat hair and dust as a snack, but she says that's not good for me anyway.

We do like it once it's all nice and cleaned though. Mom caught us waking up from a nap in this video.

Niko might be a year old now, but it seems like that long since mom vacuumed. That might be why she got so freaked out.

She pretty much camped out on the stairs with Serena.

I had to guard the beds! Sheesh! Who knows what that new purple and red thing might do! It sucks up all my dusty-hair treats lord knows it probably wouldn't think twice about sucking up my favorite bed.

As you can see here, the usually brave Niko is cowardly hanging out in the safety of elevation behind me on the stairs. She's a wuss. They are lucky that I am old, brave and was able to secure the beds for our enjoyment.

I swear I don't get the respect I deserve. Dad should even thank me for still having his slippers.

I AM SO BRAVE BENTLEY! At least I don't suckle all our toys arms until they look like malformed monsters.

mom was nice and got us these cute little frog and bear baby toys and Bentley had to go and suckle their arms clear to gimpiness.

It's really GROSS! I try to play with them and their arms are all slimey and wrong! Dumb brother.