Friday, June 02, 2006

My mom and I were sitting out by the pool, discussing our day at work. It's 111 degrees out, but she likes to splash her feet in the water after a day at work. I stood in it a while, but I don't need that stuff splashing all up in my ears so I got out.

She took me to work with her, and tried out some new beds she bought, I'm a little afraid of that chair rolling into me so the extra bed bumper helps.

This is my new Friday friend, Cheeto. We play while mommy works.

It was all fun and games till she put this shirt one me, I was embarassed at first but then I thought I might look cute, and at least it's not flourescent like Cheeto's shirt.

I might just learn to bowl now...

It was a fun day, but I might make my move on that Margarita before it gets too low to lick with my little pug snout.


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