Saturday, May 13, 2006

100 degrees in the shade

How is everyone this Saturday? My mom's got me on her lap right now while she reads, it's pretty hot out, I think like 100 somethings, which supposedly is HOT. But we're in the shade, and there's a little breeze every now and then. I prefer warmth to the chilly indoors.

Those kitties are jealous of me and how I get to come outside all the time. But they would run up a tree, over the fence and in to the road, mom says. So they have to just look at me angrily as I get to sit out here.

She's crazy trying to take a picture like this, she never likes how funny it makes her look, not to mention my face, with my smug mug.

This is kinda cool though, our reflection in the glass, nice mom, nice. You can even see one of those sulking kitties in there in my bed. Hey! that's MY bed! Oh well, guess I'm pretty lucky to be out here in the warm yard.

When we came back in it was time for some sun laying, but all the beds were taken, so mom had to get the pad from my crate for me to lay on. That orange round bed is mine though, hrmph.

I don't like being between these kitties at all. At any moment they could enter into one of their "fits-of-rage" snarling matches and I would be caught helpless in between. I do not feel safe at all.

That's better, just a little buffer zone between species is all I ask.


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