Tuesday, May 02, 2006

more of Bentley's pondering in the sun - January 28th 2006

This is my first post of the new year. I've been pretty busy. I know it appears as though I am in prison, this fence is just to protect me from drowning, even though I don't like that pool and wouldn't go in it.

My mom went to Laguna Beach for a wedding, and I got babysat for the first time, I was pretty good, and feel more mature about myself now. My babysitter had a little fox terrier named Cali that bit me on the neck a lot, and didn't like to share toys, even if they were mine! I know it was in play, but I don't care for all that aggression. If Southwest flew doggies I could've gone, since the Inn was pet friendly.
My favorite place to be is still in the sun, wherever it is. My mom moves my bed for me to the different spots in the house it shines in. I like this spot most because it's full sun.
Woah, that flash is bright! I think today we are going to go to the dog park in Fountain Hills. It's a drive, but worth it to play with doggies all my size.
Here I am with these bars again, seriously I'm not in prison, I am a really good doggie.


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