Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Molecuball, Tea Parties - May 29, 2005

The Boston Tea Party.

Bentley had his first social event this past saturday at Petsmart. We went for training on Thursday but it was just orientation so there wasn't much fraternizing. The BT Party ffered much much more. Being his first he was a bit shy, but he seemed to have a great time.

He also got a new toy called a "molecuball" recommended by his trainer, that is supposed to be stimulating and engaging. Unfortunately, as you'll see if you click the movie link, he is too afraid to approach it.

(Movie link opens in new window--caution big file)

Fear of Molecuballin'

Peanut, Shrek and Paris behaving for treats. Paris is a Schnoodle, but I guess was allowed to join on account of her boston coloring

The owner of the Shnoodle also had a pouch of treats and all dogs attention

Most pics turned out as just a blur of cow-colored spotty dogs, and the major Players were Otis, Shrek and Stella, the veterans of the group

This is Harley, she was getting pooped.

We practiced with the trainer and the molecuball at the party, but Otis was a little possesive of the treat giving toy. THen we tried again when we got home, yeilding no progress


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