Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The tough job of looking cute

My mom had a birthday recently, and she thought it'd be a good idea to take pictures of some of her gifts to send to family, but of course I was called upon to make sure they looked classy.

Here I am modeling the little bistro set she got.
Until there was some noise over the wall, I barked to be sure they knew I was here.

Ahh, it was nothing, just the neighbor, not some giant monster or burglar.
Mmm, I like the smell of fresh air.

I can also see the little park from here, it's tempting to get down
and run over there, but Mom says no, cuz the cars drive too fast,
so I hafta wait for my leash.

She got a bench too, it's pretty nice, for a year all that was out on
this porch was a dirty table with a pot on it, and some dusty
plastic ivy hanging out, even I knew that didn't look right.

Hey, mom, can we be done already? It's hot and there's no
cushys on these chairs.

I thought we were done, but oh, was I wrong, it was off to the
backyard to help her model a purse she got.
It ain't easy being so cute.


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