Sunday, August 27, 2006


Hi Boston lovers! I haven't posted too much, it's been play, play, play since Niko got here it seems. Mom has been crushing up ice for us to munch on too, it's yummy wanna see us eat some?

For some reason even when I don't have the toy, she chases me with it!

I was just resting here with a new bacon-flavored nyla-bone corn cob. It's crazy looking, but I don't care --it tastes like Bacon!

Did I mention Niko likes to try to get into every photo I am posing so seriously for?

This could've been a portfolio shot...

but then she jumps into the chair.

I warned her that I'm serious about my sun spots.

She just makes more noise. I'd rather go lay somewhere else than listen to her noise.



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