Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mom's old office, sleepy weekends...('nother older post)

Mom had a couple posts as drafts she hadn't posted yet! This was another.

We got sooo tired from playing on Friday we didn't even get mad that we were all stacked up like a pile of bostons.

Mostly it's me that gets all the strenuous plays in, this is me and my buddy Max wreslting it up near some 3-ring binders, these peopls should know better than to leave things in the "dog-zone"

This is a new friend named Roxy on her dad's lap learning to do some of the works.

I play better upside down I've realized, this way I am able to use all 4 of my foots as weapons and throw some teeth in there when needed.

Max is trying to sneak up on me but little does he know...

Roxy is going to get him!!

So you can see why we get so tired! Hope everyone is getting all their needed weekend rest, our humans are taking down all the holiday stuff today which is kind of sad, I liked having that big tree in the living room!



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