Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bil Crack

We've been getting some delicious treats lately, just for being so cute. They are called "Bil Jac" but mom calls them "Bil Crack" since we go nutz when she opens the pack. She keeps threatening not to buy them anymore though, on account of the gas.

We don't mind it; in some countries that's a complement. We enjoyed our meal *pfft*

We also get to hang out outside a lot more when we are gassy.

This is not as it seems. We were not laying this close, mom was in-between and got up. I was pretty tired though so I stayed.

Mom's got some art booth thingy she's been working on for a festival, I've had enough of hearing about it, all it's meant to me is less fun playing, and I have to just suffer through the chasing of Niko or being chased by Niko. She has bought us a lot of new toys to keep us busy, probably out of guilt.

This would be more comfortable if our ears weren’t touching, I keep thinking its flies landing on me.

Wait a minute... Niko was that you? P.U.! Must be all that Bil Crack she ate.

Woah, were gonna be kicked out soon.


At 4:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I've gotta try those cookies! Super Gas Bag Cookies was it?

Bussie Kissies


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